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Mexican Chimineas

Our Mexican Chimineas or “fire pots” are handmade from volcanic clay found only in central Mexico.

The Chimineas are designed in the traditional manner with a wide-bottom vase and a narrow vertical chimney to direct smoke from inside the pit.

Whether you use the Chiminea as a decorative piece or functional fireplace, it adds elegance to your outdoor area and is suitable for modern and contemporary styled patios or garden.

As a functional fireplace, the Chiminea is great space saver without compromising visual appeal of your patio or the backyard but adding to the pleasure of spending time outdoors.


Chiminea Large

Mexican Chiminea – Large

R 7600.00

Every Chiminea comes standard with the following:

  • Stand
  • Terracotta lid
  • Instructions for Curing
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Chiminea Inspiration

Mexican Chimineas