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Paraflex Umbrellas


Our Paraflex Aluminium Umbrellas

The Paraflex Aluminium Umbrellas range manufactures outdoor umbrellas in Belgium. The unique system eliminates the need for a heavy base and a centre pole.

The anodized brushed aluminium arms directly fit onto the wall or an upright pole, both of which are also anodized brushed aluminium. Furthermore, the hinged arms allow tilting and positioning of the umbrella to achieve the desired shade with consummate ease, particularly useful to follow the path of the sun.

You can add the Paraflex® Outdoor Umbrella individually or in clusters, thereby extending shade coverage by module.

Paraflex Umbrella Models

The wall mount is without a doubt a unique feature of the Paraflex® system.

You can easily attach the Paraflex® arm to the wall. Additionally, you can set the shade based on the position of the sun while keeping the entire surface below the umbrella free.

It is the perfect solution for big terraces with several umbrellas on the wall or for a small terrace with only one umbrella. Even for the small balcony of an apartment it is the ideal solution.It is the perfect solution for big terraces with several umbrellas on the wall or for a small terrace with only one umbrella. Moreover, even for the small balcony of an apartment, it is the ideal solution.

Paraflex Aluminium Umbrella - Round Wall Mount

2.7m Round Wall Mount

Enquire 2.7m Round Wall Mount
Paraflex Aluminium Umbrella - Square Wall Mount

2.3m Square Wall Mount

Enquire 2.3m Round Wall Mount

Paraflex Fabrics

Solidum — 100% ACRYL 250G/M² ǀ COLOR RATING 7/8 ǀ WATER REPELLENT ǀ 30° WASH

Paraflex Inspiration

I’m hooked…

Hiring Umbrellas from Umbrellas Gauteng was the best decision ever, they are professional, deliver on time, their umbrellas are good quality and they make all my events look stunning.

People love them, they add elegance and simplicity to my every function. I will always use Umbrellas Gauteng, and I will definately refer anyone who is looking for their service.

I give them a 5 star grading, from customer orientation to good quality products.

I’m hooked…

Lwazi Mayekiso

Assistant Director: National Liaison GCIS.

Outstandingly professional and reliable

Dear Vee, Gerhard, Rienier and the two guys helping Rienier

Your team is outstandingly professional and reliable. You made my day a true success and my family and I are really humbled by what you did. We will keep you in our prayers and may the Lord almighty bless you abundantly. May your business grow and be prosperous. May your families also be blessed through and through.

It was an honour to receive such high standards. I hope people will request your number and give you lots and lots of business.

Kgabiso and the Molefe Family

Thanks again!

Dear Veronica and Umbrellas Gauteng,

I would like to thank you for your lovely umbrellas – as you can see in the picture below, it looked absolutely stunning! It gave a very beautiful, natural, elegant, classy and cool feel to our ceremony! We received many compliments for this unique shading.

Also, the service was impeccable! The guys at the actual venue and the lady who did my decor demanded to know where the umbrellas came from – so I hope this will mean good things for you. Please feel free to use this as a reference or to put on your website.

Thanks again!

Kim Damatta

Paraflex – 2.7 Round Wall Mount

    Paraflex – 2.3m Square Wall Mount